Entry Year


Major Area of Study



Barton Palmer, PhD



Research Interests

Alex’s research interests focus on investigating successful aging, neuropsychological functioning, and decisional capacity in healthy middle age-older adults and adults with Alzheimer’s disease and serious mental illness.

Representative Publications
  • Harmell, A.L., Neikrug, A.B., Palmer, B.W., Avanzino, J.A. Lui, L., Maglione, J.E., Nataraian, L. Corey Bloom, J., Loredo, J.S., Ancoli-Israel, S. (2016). The effect of treating obstructive sleep apnea on cognition in Parkinson’s disease. Sleep Medicine, 21: 28-34.

  • Palmer, B.W., Harmell, A.L. Assessment of healthcare decision-making capacity (2016). Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 31(6): 530-540.

  • Harmell, A.L., Jeste, D., Depp, C. Strategies for successful aging: A research update. (2014). Current Psychiatry Reports, 16 (10): 1-6.

  • Harmell, A.L., Mausbach, B.T., Moore, R.C., Depp, C.A., Jeste, D.V., Palmer, B.W. (2014). A longitudinal study of sustained attention in patients with bipolar disorder. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 20(2): 230-237.

  • NRSA T-32 Predoctoral Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry