The following faculty members have expressed interest in taking a student for Fall 2021.

  • Please note that several faculty are listed under multiple major areas of study. Not all faculty listed here will end up getting a student. So it is important to make sure that what you list as your research area is very clear so that if there is another potential match for you, we can evaluate your application with that in mind.
  • This list is subject to change. Before submitting your application, please check back to make sure the faculty member you are interested in working with is still interested in taking a student. You must select at least one faculty member from this list on your Supplemental Program Application.

This list was last updated on 10/27/2020. 

Behavioral Medicine

Aaron Blashill PhD
Kerri Boutelle PhD
Keith J. Horvath PhD
Tristen Inagaki PhD
Vanessa L. Malcarne PhD
Georg E. Matt PhD
David J. Moore PhD
Kristen Wells PhD MPH
Shu-Hong Zhu PhD

Experimental Psychopathology

Nader Amir PhD
Aaron Blashill PhD
Kerri Boutelle PhD
Kristin Cadenhead MD
Kelly Courtney PhD
Zafiris ‘Jeff’ Daskalakis MD PhD (added 10/19/2020)
Inna Fishman PhD
Charles T. Taylor PhD
Jillian Lee Wiggins PhD


Sarah Banks PhD
Ruth Carper PhD
Jody Corey-Bloom MD, PhD (added 10/19/2020)
Lisa T. Eyler PhD
Inna Fishman PhD
Paul Gilbert PhD (added 10/19/2020)
Igor Grant MD (added 10/27/2020)
Tristen Inagaki PhD
William Kremen PhD
Thomas D. Marcotte PhD
Ksenija Marinkovic PhD
Sarah N. Mattson PhD
David J. Moore PhD
Raeanne Moore PhD
Ralph-Axel Mueller PhD
Claire Murphy PhD
Jennifer Thomas PhD
Jillian Lee Wiggins PhD