The student selection process for the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (JDP) is as follows:

Applications are accepted using two online systems beginning October 1 each year. Applicants first complete the application to San Diego State University using the Cal State Apply system. Then, a program–specific application is filled out online for the JDP. All application materials including the online applications, transcripts, official GRE scores, and online recommendations must be received by December 1 each year (unless otherwise specified).

Applications are reviewed by the JDP Student Selection subcommittee for each major area of study. These three committees are comprised of at least one faculty member from each university and two student members. All applications are reviewed by two faculty members and two student members of the committee. After each file has been rated, each subcommittee meets with the overall student selection chair to resolve any substantive discrepancies between raters. Each of the three selection committees carefully considers the entire application of a prospective student and makes decisions based on the applicant’s interest, aptitude, prior achievement, grades, scores, match with program offerings and potential mentors, and possible contributions to diversity of the student body.

In early January, applications are then reviewed by the faculty members who are interested in taking a student. The faculty of each major area of study then meet to decide which applicants will be offered an interview. Typically 12 applicants from each major area of study are invited for an interview. Every attempt is made to make interview offers at least one month prior to the scheduled interview days. Typically, the two-day interviews are held in mid-February.

Once interviews have been completed, each major area selection subcommittee meets to determine which applicants will be made an offer of admission to the JDP. Offers are typically first made by the potential mentor by phone. Applicants must make their final decision by April 15.

See below for more detailed information about our admissions process and application procedures.

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