Student Health Services

Students are eligible for health services at SDSU with a valid ID Card.  SDSU same day appointments:  619-594-5058, other appointments:  619-594-4736/4737 and the main switchboard:  619-452-8182/8183/8184.  There is no health care provision at UC San Diego for JDP students, unless it is provided by the terms of employment there or if he/she is one of a group of JDP students whose tuition and fees are paid at UC San Diego.  Payment of UC San Diego fees entitles the student to medical coverage, and other privileges.  Please check with a supervisor about this.

When presenting a student ID card at Health Services, if there is a question about whether one is indeed a student please ask the person at the desk to contact Lynsey Miller for verification of his/her student status.

Student Health Services on the SDSU campus provide medical services for any health problems listed on their Web site.  For major medical coverage, a student may wish to purchase an individual or family policy through SDSU Associated Students or through some other insurance company, HMO or PPO.  Some information is available in the student room although it is minimal and may only be a starting point for checking out options.

Beginning in the 1999-2000 academic year the Steering Committee has required that professors paying student stipends through research grants either provide medical coverage or provide sufficient funds to purchase major medical coverage.  The additional money is not an across-the-board raise, but is intended for insurance purchase only.  The student will be required to show proof of purchase.  If a student has major medical coverage elsewhere and does not choose to purchase such a policy, they must decline in writing.


Health Insurance

If you have a UC San Diego mentor and are registering at SDSU, you have also had enough money added to your stipend to help you purchase major medical health insurance. If the money is not received by September (or is not in the works) contact Kristin Deveraux immediately. It is recommended to buy the full year of comprehensive, individual health insurance plan. If you are married/eligible to be under your parent’s health insurance, let us know that you will be waiving your health insurance requirement – and be prepared to show the university proof of covrage – so we can make sure you are not over or under paid.

If you are registering at UC San Diego, or if/when you switch to the UC San Diego list, your health insurance will be through UC San Diego’s SHIP program and the cost is included with your tuition and fees. SHIP is fairly simple and all the information can be found on their website here: