There are number of forms that must be completed, and completed on time, in order to obtain your degree. All of these forms are available for download on our JDP Forms webpage. Each form must be filled out completely before you ask faculty to sign it. Each “level” of faculty signatures must be complete before the form moves to the next “level.” So if the form requires dissertation committee member signatures, these must be obtained before you request the Co-Directors to sign the form; both Co-Directors must sign the form before it can go to the SDSU Office of Graduate Studies. The Co-Directors can sign in any order, but after you have both signatures, the form must go first to the SDSU Office of Graduate Studies and be processed there; after that, SDSU will send the form to the Office of Graduate Studies at UC San Diego for final processing. As you can imagine, obtaining all the signatures and sending these forms from office to office takes time, so plan your schedule accordingly. These cannot be done at the last minute.

NOTE: For all JDP forms, it is strongly encouraged to either get two original signed copies of each form. 

Please read through the ENTIRE Dissertation Manual listed below (all of the tabs listed under Student Handbook/Program Requirements/Dissertation).  There is a lot of information but many important details that you will need to know!

Dissertation Committee

3-Paper Dissertation Option

Dissertation Proposal

Writing the Dissertation

Final Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Submission Guidelines