2014-2015 Annual Student Evaluation Form and Procedure:

Annual Evaluation Form:

NEW 2015 Annual Student Evaluation (Fillable PDF) Form


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DEADLINE: Friday, June 12, 2015

*Annual Evaluations are required for ALL students except for students currently on internship.

For Students: 

  1. Schedule a formal meeting with your Guidance Committee to assess your progress
  2. Prior to your Committee meeting:
    • Prepare a summary of your progress in the past year to distribute to the Committee at the beginning of the meeting
      • At minimum that summary should consist of: an updated CV that includes any publications, presentations, awards, or grants obtained in the past year; for students still completing coursework, a summary of all courses taken, including the grade received in each; future courses and other milestones yet to be completed; and the timeline and anticipated date of completion for each of the remaining degree requirements.
  3. After your Committee Chair has completed and signed the NEW 2015 Annual Student Evaluation (Fillable PDF) Form:
    • Digitally Sign the Evaluation Form
    • Send an email which includes the following documents to BOTH Program Coordinators, Lynsey Miller (lmiller@mail.sdsu.edu) and Kristin Deveraux
      (kdeveraux@ucsd.edu) no later than by Friday, June 12, 2015:

      1. Completed & Signed Annual Evaluation Form
      2. Any supplementary materials submitted to your committee for your Annual Review
      3. Updated copy of your CV in Word format.
        • Your CV should be titled with your name and the abbreviation CV, along with the year (e.g. Lynsey Miller CV 2015)

For Student Mentors/Committee Chairs:

  1. Complete and digitally sign the NEW 2015 Annual Student Evaluation (Fillable PDF) Form
  2. Send the completed Evaluation PDF Form to the student for final signature
    • NOTE: Once the Committee Chair signs the form, all fields become locked except for the student’s signature and date