Tuition and fees are typically covered by the program through a combination of resources until the internship is completed. However, once the internship is completed, responsibility for paying these charges falls on the student, not the program. For current fees and tuition, please visit the SDSU Business and Financial Affairs Office: The program does not cover registration of students during the summer; students who desire to take summer courses must pay for these themselves.

Tuition and Student Fees
Fees and tuition are covered by the program either through SDSU Graduate Studies, direct payment by your mentor, or augmenting your stipend by the amount of the tuition/fees and having you pay these charges directly. All students register (i.e., pay tuition/fees) at either SDSU or UC San Diego, but never at both. Once a student has been assigned to pay tuition/fees at one university or the other, fees will be paid at that university for the entire academic year. Most incoming students register/pay fees at SDSU their first year. After that, whether a student registers/pays fees at SDSU or UC San Diego depends on the mentor’s institution, if the student is an international student, and whether the student has established California residency. Students with SDSU mentors will almost always have their tuition/fees paid at SDSU. Students with UC San Diego mentors who have established California residency may be eligible to register at UC San Diego. However, there is an a priori cap on the total number of students who can pay tuition/fees at UC San Diego, and so some students with UC San Diego mentors may never be able to have tuition/fees paid at UC San Diego. Note however that there is no difference in requirements, courses, practicum placements, the amount of time it takes to obtain a degree, or any other aspect of the JDP experience for students who register/pay fees at SDSU versus UC San Diego. There are some details, such as where students are eligible for health insurance, that differ or change based on where tuition/fees are paid. These issues must be considered when students are switched from one institution to the other.

It is important a student knows where his/her tuition/fees are paid each year. That is because if there is some type of administrative problem, how the problem is solved often differs based on where tuition/fees are paid.

If your tuition/fees are paid at SDSU, there is an additional charge typically referred to as miscellaneous student fees or mandatory student fees. These fees vary each year but can be found here. Note: Refer to the tuition and fees for Graduate Students and add everything except for tuition. If you have a UC San Diego mentor and are registering/paying fees at SDSU, these fees are usually handled in one of two ways: 1) additional funds will be added to your stipend to cover this fee or 2) your mentor may ask to be billed directly. If the money has been added to your stipend, you will be getting the money over the course of the year (or a few larger than normal checks meant for you to set aside that money for the SDSU billing) – and you will need to pay these fees yourself at the beginning of each semester. If your mentor Is being billed directly you must let the SDSU JDP Program coordinator know at least one month prior to the beginning of the registration period. If you have an SDSU mentor, contact him or her to find out how they intend to pay this additional SDSU semester charge. If you are switched to the UC San Diego registered/pay list, your mentor will pay your tuition, and therefore you will not receive any money above and beyond your stipend amount added to your check and will not receive the SDSU semester fee.