Statistics graphicConsiderable emphasis is placed on statistics in this program. In order to ensure students have the necessary skills to take these classes, a statistics screening exam is administered prior to the start of the academic year.  All incoming students should thoroughly review a basic statistics textbook in preparation for the exam.  Those first year students who successfully pass the screening examination will register for PSY770A fall semester and, if that course is passed, PSY770B spring semester.  Students who do not pass the screening exam may be required to complete additional, lower level coursework or engage in some type of remediation concurrent with PSY770A. Following the successful completion of the PSY770A and PSY770B course sequence, students will take PSY875. Doing well in all of these classes is very important, as successful completion of these three courses (i.e., complete each course with a grade of B or better) constitutes completion of the statistics comprehensive evaluation. A failing grade (B- or lower) in any of these will require either an organized program of remediation or retaking the course, as determined by the course instructor in consultation with the Co-Directors.