Continuous Enrollment

Every student must enroll (sign up for 6 units of coursework) at both institutions, each semester and each quarter, whether he/she is taking any actual “classes” or not. Even during quarters that a student is not taking actual classes at UC San Diego, students still need to enroll for 6 units of Clinical Psychology (CLIN) 296. JDP students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 units at UC San Diego each quarter (other than summer). CLIN 296 is designated as “independent study” and refers to your research placement (whether at UC San Diego or SDSU); grades for these courses will be Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) based upon determination by your research mentor. Students who wish to enroll for (or take) classes over the summer must pay for these themselves; the program does not cover summer tuition.

Please note that at UC San Diego, PSY 296 is NOT the same as CLIN 296, even though they both are called simply “Independent Study” (meaning it is credit for work with the student’s mentor – no matter which university fees are paid at). In the past some students have inadvertently signed up for PSY 296 and therefore got no credit for our program and had to go through what is a long, tedious process of retroactively “un-enrolling” from the PSY course and re-enrolling in the CLIN course; students who do this then also have to petition for a grade change. PLEASE remember that the JDP Clinical Psychology courses are listed under CLIN on Tritonlink unless you are specifically instructed to enroll in a different course.

Enrollment at UC San Diego is accomplished as follows: Go to, and click on Schedule of Classes. Make sure you have selected the correct quarter from the drop-down menu and select CLIN (Clinical Psychology) under subjects. Select Graduate (200-297) to obtain a list of all Clinical Psychology courses offered that particular quarter. Find your mentor on the list and register for that section. If your mentor is not on the list, you should register under the name of the UC San Diego Co-Director. Your mentor always will let the Co-Director know if there is a problem. Make sure to choose S/U as the “grading option” for this. Make a note of the section I.D. number – you will need it when you enroll for courses through WebReg. To enroll, go to and click on the WebReg link on the left hand side. To log in you will need both your PID (UC San Diego ID number) and PAC (personal access code) number. You need to do this every quarter.

Enrollment at UC San Diego should always be for 6 units each quarter. Any time you are taking a specific class at UC San Diego, as you will when you take the Mind, Brain, and Behavior class or when you complete your cognitive requirement, you also should enroll in a sufficient number of CLIN 296 units to keep your enrollment level at the 6 unit minimum. Enrolling for 6 units ensures you remain in the system and is considered “full time” status at UC San Diego. Failure to enroll each quarter will result in the system assuming you have left the university. Accordingly, you will be purged from the system and you will have to submit petitions, error forms, formal requests to the university for retroactive enrollment through the CEP process (which can take several weeks). If the problem is not caught in time, you may have to re-apply to UC San Diego. Put simply: enroll each quarter by the deadline.

It is recommended that students check the academic calendar regularly. Make note of all necessary deadlines for enrolling each quarter of the academic year. Late enrollment will result in a $50 fee and a second fee called Late Registration (another $50 – totaling $100 in late fees). The student will be responsible for any late fees regardless of whether their tuition/fees are paid at SDSU or UC San Diego.

Holds and Fee Payments
Remember to enroll on time, every time at UC San Diego, and make sure ALL fees or other holds are taken care of. Starting in 2010 a policy was put in place where a student is automatically dropped from their classes if they didn’t have their fees paid and some holds can actually bar your fee payments, which, in turn, will get the student dropped even if you were already enrolled. Keep on top of this! Check your UC San Diego account regularly and make sure you have no administrative or financial holds.

Again, it does not matter if student fees are paid at SDSU or UC San Diego, all JDP students still must enroll at both SDSU and UC San Diego continuously or else they will be dropped from the system.

The UC San Diego Graduate Student enrollment checklist can be found online here:

It has deadlines broken down by quarter, and has more general information.

UC San Diego Enrollment Calendars can be found on this site: