All JDP students are eligible to earn the M.S. in Clinical Psychology from SDSU.  The degree will involve no additional courses or petitions for course substitution.  There are requirements, however, that must be met.  The first two years of the JDP curriculum, including both Mind Brain and Behavior courses at UC San Diego, must be completed as well as approval and submission of the Second Year Project.  After meeting those requirements, filing the proper forms and applying for graduation, the MS can be awarded.

The procedure is as follows:

Apply for graduation at SDSU ( and pay the fee in the semester you want the degree to be awarded.  Be sure to meet the semester deadline for application.  These deadlines occur very early each semester and are not flexible.  Indicate which semester the degree is being obtained so that the application will be current.  If a student must postpone award of the degree for any reason, she/he must re-apply for graduation and pay the fee again in the semester she/he is expecting to receive it.

After the electronic copies of the Second Year Project, the signed cover page, and the approval notice from the reviewing university’s IRB have been sent via email to the SDSU Program office, the Final Exam for Master’s form will be filled out by the SDSU Co-Director, signed by the Co-Director, and forwarded to the Graduate Division.