I.  Academics

            A.  Program Milestone Checklist/Timelines

            B. Cognitive Psychology Requirement

            C.  Registration

            D.  Classes/Sample Curriculum

            E. Statistics and Research Design

            F. Emphasis In Quantitative Methods

            G. Master’s Degrees

                        i.  Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology

                        ii. Master of Public Health

            H. UC San Diego Cognitive Sciences Interdisciplinary Program

            I.  Grades

            J. Transcripts

            K. Change in Major Area of Study

            L. Waiving and/or Challenging Courses

            M. Grievances


II.  Program Requirements

            A.  Guidance Committee

            B.  Second-Year Project

            C.  Comprehensive Exams

                        i. Clinical Comprehensive Exam

                        ii.  Behavioral Medicine Comprehensive Exam

                        iii. Experimental Psychopathology Comprehensive Exam

                        iv.  Neuropsychology Comprehensive Exam

            D.  Dissertation

                        i.  Dissertation Committee

                        ii.  3-Paper Dissertation Option

                        iii.  Dissertation Proposal

                        iv.  Writing the Dissertation

                        v.  Final Dissertation Defense

                        vi.  Dissertation Submission Guidelines

            E.  Advancement to Candidacy

            F.  Internship

            G.  Commencement

            H.  After Graduation

III.  Financial Information

            A.  Student Funding/Stipends

            B.  Tuition and Fees

            C.  Establishing Residency

            D.  International Students

            E.  Financial Aid

            F.  Travel Funds

IV.  Professional Issues

            A.  Ethical Standards/Professional Behavior

            B.  Resources to Help Resolve Problems

                        i.  Where Do You Go When You Have a Problem, Question, Concern, or Complaint?

                        ii.  Mentor-Student Guide

            C.  Policy on Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

            D.  Representation of Your Affiliation

            E.  Web Page and Blog Policy

            F.  Membership in APA

            G.  Dress Code

            H.  Outside Employment

            I.  Requests to Spend Time Off-Site

V.  Research

            A.  Research Experience

            B.  Human Subjects/IRB

VI.  Clinical Practicum

            A.  Practicum Placements

            B.  Contracts for Supervision

            C.  Tracking Clinical Hours

            D.  Practicum Grades

            E.  Policy on Working with Diverse Clients/Patients

VII.  Teaching Experience

            A.  Procedures

            B.  Prerequisites

VIII.  Student Life

            A.  Health Services/Insurance

            B.  Student Housing

            C.  Vacations

            D.  Leave of Absence

IX.  Practical Information

            A.  ID Cards

            B.  Keys

            C.  Mailboxes

            D.  E-Mail Accounts

            E.  Change of Address

            F.  Parking

            G.  Libraries

            H.  Copier Use

X.  JDP Forms

            A.  JDP Form 2

            B.  JDP Form 3

            C.  JDP Form 4

            D.  JDP Form 5

            E.  NEW Annual Student Evaluation

            F.  Individual Development Plan (IDP)

            G.  Guidance Committee Nomination Form

            H.  2nd Year Project Cover Sheet

            I.  MS Degree Form

            J.  MPH Interest Form

            K.  Dissertation Proposal Defense Announcement

            L.  Dissertation Defense Announcement