The purpose of the JDP Student Council is to foster and enhance communication, cooperation, and engagement between the JDP student body and faculty, including the Steering Committee, regarding all instructional and procedural aspects of the doctoral program, student-mentor relations, and student life. The Student Council will provide regular student input to the Steering Committee in order to facilitate problem solving, program improvement, and a deeper understanding and collegiality between students and program administration.

Students may contact the Student Council with questions, ideas, suggestions, or concerns via email ( However, if students wish to contact the Student Council anonymously, they may do so using the suggestions box located in the current JDP mailroom at 6475 Alvarado Road, Suite 104. 

Student Council Representatives:

1st year: Maria Kryza-Lacombe
2nd year: Zoe Mestre
3rd year: Yangfeifei Gao
4th year: Lisa Graves
5th year and above: Lisa Obermeit

SDSU/UCSD JDP Student Council_Policies and Procedures_FINAL 2-9-2015