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Tamar Gollan, PhD



Research Interests

I apply behavioral and neuroimaging methods to examine language production and executive function in young and aging bilinguals (primarily Spanish-English), and bilinguals with Alzheimer’s disease with the goal of informing cognitive theories and improving neuropsychological assessment of the growing number of bilinguals.

Representative Publications
  • Stasenko, A., Jacobs, D., Salmon, D.P, & Gollan, T.H. (in press). The Multilingual Naming Test
    (MINT) as a measure of picture naming ability in Alzheimer’s disease. Journal of the
    International Neuropsychological Society.

  • Gollan, T.H., Stasenko, A., Li, C., Salmon, D.P. (2017). Bilingual language intrusions and other
    speech errors in Alzheimer’s disease. Brain and Cognition, 118, 27-44.

  • Stasenko, A., Matt, G., & Gollan, T. H. (2017). A relative bilingual advantage in switching with
    preparation: Nuanced explorations of the proposed association between bilingualism and task
    switching. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146, 1527-­1550.

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship: 2014-2017.

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